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March 6, 2016 Canadians’ opinions on possible key priorities for the federal budget (CTV News/Nanos Survey) View PDF
March 1, 2016 Canadians say Clinton is most favourable to Canada’s interests (CTV News/Nanos Survey) View PDF
February 29, 2016 Canadians concerned over implications of marijuana legalization (Globe and Mail/Nanos Survey) View PDF
February 23, 2016 Investing in economic infrastructure seen as a high and urgent priority for Canadians View PDF
February 12, 2016 One of two Canadians say future generations will have lower standard of living View PDF
February 10, 2016 One half of Canadians say they will delay major purchases (CTV News/Nanos Survey) View PDF Vue PDF
February 8, 2016 Canadians divided on free trade with China View PDF
February 7, 2016 Canadians' views on Canada's role in the fight against ISIS (Globe and Mail/Nanos Survey) View PDF
February 5, 2016 Human rights trump jobs for Canadians in Saudi arms deal (Globe and Mail/Nanos Survey)
February 2, 2016 Torontonians want new by-laws not injunctions against Uber by a wide margin View PDF
January 7, 2016 Nanos/IRPP Mood of Canada 9-year Tracking Study View PDF
December 24, 2015 Satisfaction with Trudeau government strong – support for CMHC changes high View PDF
December 24, 2015 Canadians say pace of Syrian refugee intake about right – uncomfortable about Trump’s musings on Muslims View PDF
December 18, 2015 Canadians end 2015 in a gloomy economic mood for 2016 – open to deficits in uncertain times but not greater than $10 billion View PDF
December 4, 2015 Canadians support non-combat role – open to bringing 25,000 Syrian refugees View PDF
November 26, 2015 Canadians say climate change a threat to Canada’s economic future and that Canada’s reputation has taken a hit on the global stage View PDF
November 9, 2015 Canadians’ Views on Canada’s Energy Future View PDF
October 18, 2015 Seven of ten Canadians say it’s time for a change View PDF
October 9, 2015 Who has the advantage on the economy View PDF
June 29, 2015 Canadian Confidence Index week ending June 26 View PDF