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Nanos Research News Archive 2015
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18.03.15 NET NEWS LEDGER - Conservatives Holding in Polls Over Liberals [PDF]
18.03.15 National Newswatch - Liberals on top, with Tories near 84 week high on Nanos Index [PDF]
18.03.15 580 CFRA News Talk Radio - What you Need to Know in Ottawa Today [PDF]
17.03.15 CTV News - Liberals still ahead but Tories near 84-week high on Nanos Party Power Index [PDF]
16.03.15 - 2015 federal election: A voter’s guide to political polling [PDF]
16.03.15 Bloomberg - Real Estate Worries Wane After Bank of Canada Cut Stokes Demand [PDF]
14.03.15 The Globe and Mail - Trudeau seeks the fountain of youth [PDF]
14.03.15 National Post - What do those numbers even mean? A voter’s guide to political polling in this 2015 federal election year [PDF]
14.03.15 Huffington Post - A Voter's Guide To Political Polling In This 2015 Federal Election Year [PDF]
14.03.15 680 News - A voter’s guide to political polling in this 2015 federal election year [PDF]
14.03.15 - Sgt. Doiron buried today [PDF]
14.03.15 Brandon Sun - A voter's guide to political polling in this 2015 federal election year [PDF]
11.03.15 National Newswatch - Liberals score higher but Harper remains at 12 month high [PDF]
10.03.15 CTV News - Grits score higher but Tories continue 2-month-long positive trend [PDF]
09.03.15 Edmonton Journal - Ecofiscal commission comes to Edmonton [PDF]
09.03.15 Bloomberg - Ontario Consumers Help Snap 6-Week Slide in Canada Confidence [PDF]
08.03.15 Toronto Sun - Carbon pricing is no free lunch [PDF]
05.03.15 Toronto Sun - Let's leave Harper in charge [PDF]
05.03.15 The Globe and Mail - Canadians favour taxes to curb emissions, but not at the gas pump [PDF]
05.03.15 - Harper surrenders to ISIS (or how the left should talk about terrorism) [PDF]
05.03.15 CTV News - 5 things to know for Thursday, March 5, 2015 [PDF]
04.03.15 CTV News - Half of Canadians plan to delay major purchases: Nanos/CTV News poll [PDF]
03.03.15 The Hill Times online - Liberal Party holds contested nominations with three or more candidates in 37 ridings, Tories hold 11 [PDF]
03.03.15 Sportscaster Magazine - Canadians Say Supporting Canadian Broadcasters More Important Than Watching Super Bowl TV Ads [PDF]
03.03.15 CTV News - Conservatives at 52-week high on Nanos Index [PDF]
02.03.15 Winnipeg Free Press - Bell goes to court over regulator move to bring U.S. Super Bowl ads to Canada [PDF]
02.03.15 The Globe and Mail - Bell appeals CRTC decision to air U.S. Super Bowl commercials [PDF]
02.03.15 - Bell goes to court over regulator move to bring U.S. Super Bowl ads to Canada [PDF]
02.03.15 - Bell goes to court to quash CRTC policy bringing U.S. Superbowl ads to Canada [PDF]
02.03.15 Financial Post - Bell files appeal over CRTC move to bring U.S. Super Bowl ads to Canada [PDF]
02.03.15 CTV News - Bell Media goes to court to fight CRTC ruling on Super Bowl ads [PDF]
02.03.15 CNW - Nanos: Only 20% of Canadians Say Ability to Watch Super Bowl Ads More Important Than Supporting Canadian Broadcasters [PDF]
02.03.15 Calgary Sun - Bell fighting ruling allowing U.S. Super Bowl ads in Canada [PDF]
02.03.15 Bloomberg - Canada Consumer Gloom Deepens Before Poloz Interest Rate Meeting [PDF]
27.02.15 Northern News - Kirkland Lake represented at Good Roads Conference [PDF]
25.02.15 National Newswatch - Parties stable in latest Nanos Party Power Index as Bloc hits new 12-month high [PDF]
25.02.15 CTV News - 5 things to know for Wednesday, February 25, 2015 [PDF]
24.02.15 CTV News - Bloc hits 12-month high in accessible voters, parties stable in Nanos Party Power Index [PDF]
23.02.15 Toronto Star - Economy, consumer confidence brighten in Ontario [PDF]
23.02.15 - Why low rates may not be enough to save the housing market [PDF]
23.02.15 Bloomberg - Alberta Becomes Canada’s Most Pessimistic Region, Poll Data Show [PDF]
29.01.15 The Globe and Mail - Canadians support increased security powers, poll suggests [PDF]
28.01.15 National Newswatch - Harper and Trudeau remain locked in a tight race for preferred PM [PDF]
28.01.15 Economic Times - The challenge for Canada's Trudeau: substance over style [PDF]
28.01.15 CTV News - Nanos tracking: Harper, Trudeau remain locked in tight race for preferred PM [PDF]
26.01.15 Toronto Sun - Theatre of the absurd [PDF]
26.01.15 Bloomberg - Canada Economic Pessimism Rises to Highest Since 2011 on Oil [PDF]
25.01.15 The Globe and Mail - Non-partisan environmental groups target suburban Canadian voters [PDF]
22.01.15 Bloomberg - Harper Benefits From Poloz Insurance as Election Looms [PDF]
21.01.15 National Newswatch - Harper -Trudeau preferred PM tussle continues [PDF]
21.01.15 CBC News - Economy, not terrorism, remains Canadians' top vote driver [PDF]
21.01.15 BNN News - Harper and Trudeau tightly locked in latest Nanos polling [PDF]
20.01.15 The Globe and Mail - New for subscribers: Get Nanos weekly polls early on Harper, Mulcair, Trudeau [PDF]
20.01.15 CTV News - Nanos poll: Harper, Trudeau tightly locked in preferred PM tracking [PDF]
19.01.15 Bloomberg - Mixed Feelings Prevail in Canada as Cheap Gas Cushions Oil Shock [PDF]
14.01.15 National Newswatch - Tories slide for fourth week as Trudeau surpasses Harper as preferred PM [PDF]
14.01.15 CTV News - Conservatives slide for fourth week in Nanos Party Power Index [PDF]
13.01.15 - Consumer sentiment dropping regarding housing prices [PDF]
12.01.15 - Disappointing Employment Numbers In Canada [PDF]
12.01.15 Bloomberg Businessweek - Calgary Housing Market Among Early Alberta Slowdown Signs [PDF]
07.01.15 National Newswatch - Liberals 56 points, Conservatives 51 points, NDP 49 points on Nanos Party Power Index [PDF]
07.01.15 CTV News - Federal Liberals tops on Nanos Party Power Index tracking [PDF]
07.01.15 CBC News - Stephen Harper's approval ratings are up, but is it enough? [PDF]
07.01.15 Bloomberg - Oil Export Plunge Signals Canada Economy Running on Empty [PDF]
05.01.15 The Huffington Post Canada - Canadians Are Turning Sour On The Housing Market [PDF]
05.01.15 The Globe and Mail - Troubled Fantino dropped as Veterans Minister ahead of election [PDF]
05.01.15 iPOLITICS - Has Harper’s ‘Big Shift’ run out of gas? [PDF]
05.01.15 Bloomberg - Canadian Stocks Fall to Worst Loss Since 2013 on Oil Drop [PDF]
05.01.15 Bloomberg - Canada Homebuyers Joining Real Estate Doubters: Nanos [PDF]
04.01.15 The Globe and Mail - Trudeau urges ‘evidence-based approach’ on marijuana, prostitution laws [PDF]
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