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Nanos Research News Archive 2013
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11.12.13 CBC News - Conservative brand slipping in key regions, Nanos finds [PDF]
09.12.13 Bloomberg - Canada Consumer Confidence Rises on Resilient Housing [PDF]
06.12.13 CBC News - NDP surges ahead of Tories in party power ranking: Nanos [PDF]
05.12.13 Bloomberg Businessweek - Canada Building Permits Rise as Housing Work Approaches Record [PDF]
04.12.13 Yahoo News Canada - NDP brand surpasses Tory brand, closing in on Liberals’ [PDF]
03.12.13 Canadian Health Coalition - Canadians want future budget surpluses invested in healthcare, want secure federal funding not tied to the economy [PDF]
02.12.13 Bloomberg - Canadian Consumer Sentiment Declines, Nanos Index Shows [PDF]
27.11.13 National Post - Has Thomas Mulcair-led NDP peaked, in light of weak byelection showing? [PDF]
26.11.13 THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - Conservatives Hold on in Manitoba in Wake of Senate Storm [PDF]
25.11.13 THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - By-Election Monday Has Canada’s Political Leaders on Edge [PDF]
25.11.13 The Hill Times online - GTA Tory MPs say Rob Ford saga won’t affect them in next run, but opposition MPs counting on it [PDF]
25.11.13 Bloomberg - Canadian Consumer Confidence Hits Eight-Week High [PDF]
23.11.13 The Globe and Mail - Tory attack on Trudeau's pot use escalates: Inside the political strategy [PDF]
22.11.13 Bloomberg - Canada Retail Sales Triple Forecasts in September on Cars [PDF]
21.11.13 - Harper’s Brandon letter, the demon weed and Justin Trudeau [PDF]
18.11.13 Washington Post Business Page, Business News - Ontario’s Confidence Surge Sparks Rebound in Canadian Mood Index [PDF]
18.11.13 Bloomberg Businessweek - Ontario’s Confidence Surge Sparks Rebound in Canadian Mood Index [PDF]
16.11.13 - Toronto mayor in crisis; some backers stay loyal [PDF]
11.11.13 - Majority of Canadians believe today’s veterans have trouble landing civilian jobs: poll [PDF]
11.11.13 Bloomberg Businessweek - Canada Consumer Confidence Extends Drop on Falling Job Security [PDF]
06.11.13 CBC News - Vast majority of Canadians want Senate changed: Nanos [PDF]
05.11.13 Digital Journal - Vast Majority of CanadianS Believe Modern Veterans Deserve Meaningful Jobs [PDF]
05.11.13 Ottawa Citizen - Survey Shows Public Support For Canadian Veterans [PDF]
04.11.13 Bloomberg Businessweek - Canadian Consumer Mood Posts First Rise in Five Weeks on Housing [PDF]
04.11.13 Bloomberg - Canadian Consumer Mood Posts First Increase in Five Weeks [PDF]
03.11.13 CBC News - Senate scandal doesn't damage Conservative faith in Harper [PDF]
02.11.13 The Huffington Post Canada - Will Bad Publicity From the Senate Controversy Be Harper's Undoing? [PDF]
02.11.13 CBC News - Harper's credibility in expense scandal on par with senators' [PDF]
02.11.13 CBC Radio - Senate scandal hangs over Conservative party convention [PDF]
01.11.13 CBC News - Senate scandal puts Harper's brand at risk, poll suggests [PDF]
30.10.13 CBC News - Tory support stalls in wake of Senate scandal: Nanos [PDF]
28.10.13 Bloomberg Businessweek - Canada Consumer Confidence Falling Adds to Harper’s Woes [PDF]
25.10.13 LE HUFFINGTON POST QUEBEC - Les maux de tête continuent pour Stephen Harper [PDF]
24.10.13 Yahoo News Canada - Liberal support in recent polls highest since 2009: Nanos Research [PDF]
24.10.13 The Wall Street Journal - New Senate Woes Could Weigh on Harper’s Conservatives at the Polls [PDF]
24.10.13 The Globe and Mail - Senate scandal trips up Tories just as they were hitting their stride again [PDF]
23.10.13 CBC News - Liberal support in polls highest since 2009: Nanos Number [PDF]
22.10.13 The Hill Times online - Tories trying to disrupt trend line favouring Liberals [PDF]
21.10.13 Businessweek - Canada Consumer Sentiment Falls for Third Week on Job Prospects [PDF]
17.10.13 National Post - Kelly McParland: Media hits new low, tries to report Prime Minister’s speech [PDF]
17.10.13 Bloomberg - BMO’s Gregory Says Canada Housing in for Soft Landing [PDF]
16.10.13 The Globe and Mail - Harper’s poll numbers have never been this low before a Throne Speech [PDF]
16.10.13 CBC News - Liberals hold lead in party, leadership score: Nanos [PDF]
15.10.13 Bloomberg - Canada Consumer Sentiment Falls for Second Week on U.S. [PDF]
15.10.13 Toronto Star - Throne speech likely to stress consumer-friendly measures [PDF]
10.10.13 CBC News - Liberals' Nova Scotia win good news for Justin Trudeau: Nanos [PDF]
09.10.13 The Globe and Mail - What federal players can learn from Liberals' Nova Scotia win [PDF]
07.10.13 Daily Research News Online - Canadian Body Dismisses Poll Complaint [PDF]
07.10.13 Bloomberg Businessweek - Canadian Consumer Confidence Index Falls on U.S. Economy Concern [PDF]
26.09.13 The Globe and Mail - Support falling for Liberals and NDP, holding steady for Tories: poll [PDF]
26.09.13 Beacon News - Canadian politics – ‘None of the above’ a growing option [PDF]
25.09.13 CBC News - Liberals, NDP lose potential supporters: Nanos Number [PDF]
20.09.13 The Globe and Mail - Canadians value honesty in politicians, but believe communication is key to success, poll shows [PDF]
20.09.13 CBC News - Honesty and communication top leadership skills: Nanos [PDF]
17.09.13 National Post - John Ivison: Scrapping supply management would the most ‘consumer first’ thing the Tories could do [PDF]
16.09.13 The Hill Times online - Pollsters, party strategists watching trends, trajectories, volatility in mid-term polls [PDF]
05.09.13 The Globe and Mail - Canadians see Trudeau as most trustworthy, but not most competent, poll finds [PDF]
05.09.13 Seaway News - Survey shows Justin Trudeau still No. 1 [PDF]
05.09.13 CBC News - Nanos: Liberal lead widens as Senate scandal bites Tories [PDF]
04.09.13 Richmond News - Competition needs to be fair [PDF]
03.09.13 The Globe and Mail - Only a tiny number of Canadians are happy with the Senate [PDF]
27.08.13 The Globe and Mail - Why North American oil demand calls for rail infrastructure revamp [PDF]
26.08.13 The Wall Street Journal - Should Canada and the U.S. Strike an Energy and Environment Pact? [PDF]
26.08.13 The Wall Street Journal - Bell supports federal public hearings on the wireless loopholes [PDF]
26.08.13 The Globe and Mail - In North America, energy security trumps environment [PDF]
26.08.13 Seeking Alpha - Canadian pollster: U.S., Canada need pact on energy, environment [PDF]
26.08.13 Mobile Commerce Insider - Nanos Research: Canadians Support Level Competitive Playing Field In Wireless [PDF]
26.08.13 CBC News - Politics is the biggest obstacle on Canada-U.S. energy front [PDF]
26.08.13 Digital Journal - Most Canadians oppose foreign ownership in telecommunications: poll [PDF]
22.08.13 Digital Journal - Most Canadians oppose foreign ownership in telecommunications: poll [PDF]
21.08.13 La Presse - Sans-fil: une plus grande concurrence souhaitée [PDF]
21.08.13 Digital Journal - New Survey: Canadians Do Not Want Foreign or Canadian Companies Favoured in Upcoming Wireless Auction [PDF]
20.08.13 The Vancouver Sun - Owning our Health: To treat pain find its source [PDF]
16.08.13 90.5 WESA - Rising Marcellus Shale Production Might Not Benefit Natural Gas [PDF]
13.08.13 The Globe and Mail - Can Harper hold on in the upcoming by-elections? [PDF]
11.08.13 The Globe and Mail - What's in store for Wallin with audit set to be revealed Tuesday [PDF]
08.08.13 The Globe and Mail - Harper has a Quebec problem [PDF]
29.06.13 CBC News - Half of voters don't see Conservatives as an option [PDF]
28.06.13 The Globe and Mail - Signs of cabinet shuffle amid slipping Tory support [PDF]
28.06.13 CBC News - Conservatives remain behind Liberals in June Nanos poll [PDF]
26.06.13 Beacon News - Poll: Response to Senate expense scandal was poor [PDF]
25.06.13 90.5 WESA - Wednesday June 25, 2013 Geopolitics of Energy and Summer Films [PDF]
31.05.13 Fremont Tribune - Toronto mayor won post on conservative discontent [PDF]
27.05.13 THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - Harper “Not Happy” with Some Fellow Conservatives [PDF]
22.05.13 The Sacramento Bee - New poll results: GTA residents link diverse leadership with economic growth [PDF]
22.05.13 The Globe and Mail - New study suggests Torontonians make links between diversity and success [PDF]
21.05.13 Bloomberg - Harper Opens Private Party Speech After Senate Scandal [PDF]
21.05.13 Toronto Star - Why do pollsters keep getting it wrong? [PDF]
08.05.13 The Epoch Times - More Bills for Solo MPs [PDF]
22.04.13 THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - North American Energy Security Trumps Environment: Poll [PDF]
22.04.13 THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - Poll Suggests Energy Independence Trumps Environmental Concerns [PDF]
22.04.13 The Huffington Post Canada - Keystone XL Pipeline: Poll Shows Project More Popular In U.S. Than Canada [PDF]
22.04.13 The Hill Times online - NDP MPs dismiss poll showing Liberals ahead of Conservatives, say voters want substance, not ‘fluff,’ a dig at Trudeau [PDF]
22.04.13 The Hill Times online - Tories, NDP not worried by polls, but Liberals say they should be [PDF]
22.04.13 The Globe and Mail - Americans show broad support for Keystone: poll [PDF]
22.04.13 The Globe and Mail - Obama set to okay pipeline, former insider says, as poll shows support [PDF]
22.04.13 - Non au pétrole albertain, disent une majorité de Québécois [PDF]
22.04.13 Financial Post - Americans more supportive of Keystone than Canadians, poll finds [PDF]
16.04.13 The Vancouver Sun - Were the New Democrats just a passing fancy? [PDF]
15.04.13 The Globe and Mail - Trudeau promises new deal for middle class Canadians [PDF]
15.04.13 Ottawa Citizen - Yaffe: Trudeau appeals to West, Quebec as he takes Liberal reins [PDF]
15.04.13 Montreal Gazette - Don Macpherson: Quebecers are not hostile to Justin Trudeau, just indifferent [PDF]
15.04.13 Bloomberg - Justin Trudeau Wins Canada Liberal Party Leadership Race [PDF]
14.04.13 Reuters - Canada Liberals set to crown Trudeau scion [PDF]
12.04.13 680News - Liberals jump ahead over Harper Conservatives in polls [PDF]
12.04.13 POLITIQUE - Les projecteurs braqués sur Justin Trudeau [PDF]
12.04.13 THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - A Trudeau Follows in Pierre's Dance Steps [PDF]
10.04.13 CBC News - Liberal leadership vote tally breezes past 60% mark [PDF]
05.04.13 The Globe and Mail - What exactly defines a liberal nowadays? [PDF]
03.04.13 Calgary Herald - Yedlin: New York Times editorial attacks oilsands with clear vitriol, murky facts [PDF]
07.03.13 Orangeville Citizen - Mixed reaction locally to federal ‘progressive’ alliances [PDF]
04.03.13 OTTAWA CITIZEN - Op-Ed: Aboriginal issues are on the agenda [PDF]
28.02.13 The Globe and Mail - Tory claim of NDP’s sovereigntist sympathies gets new boost with MP's defection to Bloc Québécois [PDF]
27.02.13 National Post - John Moore: Stephen Harper’s not-so-permanent majority [PDF]
11.02.13 CBC News - Liberals running neck-and-neck with NDP, Nanos poll finds [PDF]
01.02.13 Bloomberg - Nanos Poll Finds Canada Consumer Confidence Rose to 8-Month High [PDF]
28.01.13 iPOLITICS - As House opens NDP presses government on First Nations file [PDF]
25.01.13 The Huffington Post Canada - Poll Suggests Harper Will Keep Winning As Long As Rivals Fail To Corral Supporters [PDF]
24.01.13 Yahoo! News Canada - Was Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike worth it? [PDF]
24.01.13 The Globe and Mail - With hunger strike over, Chief Spence's polarizing legacy [PDF]
14.01.13 The Globe and Mail - Harper needs to stay the course in winter of native discontent [PDF]
07.01.13 The Globe and Mail - Education reform trumps property rights in first-nations talks with Tories [PDF]
03.01.13 NetNewsLedger - Are Canadians Uncertain About Where We Are Headed? [PDF]
03.01.13 Yahoo! News Canada - Survey suggests Canadians have the blues over Stephen Harper [PDF]
02.01.13 The Globe and Mail - Poll finds ‘malaise’ setting in after Ottawa’s economic warnings [PDF]

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