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Nanos Research News Archive 2015
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30.09.15 Reuters Canada - Canada election race narrowing to two parties as NDP stumbles [PDF]
30.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Campaign notebook: Aging populace has big policy implications [PDF]
30.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Do Canadian voters even know where their self-interest lies? [PDF]
30.09.15 CTV News - Nanos survey: Harper leads on preferred PM measure [PDF]
30.09.15 CTV News - Liberals, Conservatives in dead heat with NDP trailing: Nanos poll [PDF]
30.09.15 CP24 - Notes from the campaign trail: Good news grabs no headlines [PDF]
30.09.15 CJAD 800 AM - NANOS: Liberals, Conservatives in a dead heat [PDF]
30.09.15 Bloomberg - Uber Lives Another Day in Toronto After Vote to Study New Rules [PDF]
30.09.15 Bloomberg - Canada Post-Election Coalition Could Be Stable, Nanos Says [PDF]
29.09.15 Toronto Sun - Torontonians want Uber regulated: Poll [PDF]
29.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Campaign notebook: Mulcair cut a little too close last night [PDF]
29.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Canadian voters deeply divided on who they trust to protect the CBC: survey [PDF]
29.09.15 - Poll-itics: The mystic numerology of opinion polls [PDF]
29.09.15 Friends of Canadian Broadcasting - NANOS FINDS TRUST IN CRTC TO PROTECT LOCAL TV [PDF]
29.09.15 Digital Journal - Canadian NDP drifts down into third place in recent polls [PDF]
29.09.15 CTV News - Nanos tracking: Conservatives, Liberals marginally lead NDP [PDF]
29.09.15 Broadcaster Magazine - NDP Most Trusted to Protect CBC -- Nanos Survey [PDF]
28.09.15 The Hill Times online - Who’s who on Team Harper: a look at the 2015 Conservative war room [PDF]
28.09.15 CTV News - Conservatives, Liberals in tight national race: Nanos poll [PDF]
28.09.15 CBC News - Poll Tracker: Conservatives gain at NDP expense in Quebec, Ontario [PDF]
28.09.15 Bloomberg - Canadian Consumer Confidence Rebounds as Growth Concerns Ease [PDF]
27.09.15 Toronto Sun - Horse race suggests no party stands out [PDF]
27.09.15 The Globe and Mail - NDP vows cap on greenhouse gas emissions as support wanes in Quebec [PDF]
27.09.15 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Parties running neck-and-neck as a Canadian election nears [PDF]
27.09.15 CTV News - Nanos poll: NDP slips to 3rd place nationally in wake of French debate [PDF]
26.09.15 The Star - How national security trumped retirement security: Cohn [PDF]
26.09.15 iPOLITICS - Election polling: Plenty of noise, not much signal [PDF]
26.09.15 CTV News - Countdown to Election 2015: What happened in Week 8 [PDF]
26.09.15 CTV News - Nanos: National race tight for 16th day, high volatility between NDP, Liberal support [PDF]
25.09.15 CTV News - Three points separate major parties: Nanos tracking [PDF]
24.09.15 The Link Paper - The major party leaders get ready for the all important French debate tonight as NDP slipping in Quebec [PDF]
24.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Campaign notebook: What’s at stake in the French debate [PDF]
24.09.15 - Come clean, Ms. May: Green strategy risks electing Conservatives [PDF]
24.09.15 National Post - Pollster gridlock strikes election campaign: ‘We don’t really know what’s going on’ [PDF]
24.09.15 CTV News - National election race a toss-up for 14th straight day [PDF]
23.09.15 The Globe and Mail - NDP losing momentum in Quebec in new Léger poll [PDF]
23.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Campaign notebook: Who won the debate? None of the above [PDF]
23.09.15 Delta Optimist - Think past the promise before casting a ballot this election [PDF]
23.09.15 CTV News - Liberals, Conservatives numerically tied: Nanos [PDF]
23.09.15 CTV News - Strategic voting group releases new riding polls but hard data remains elusive [PDF]
22.09.15 The Washington Post - Five things you need to know about how the Canadian economy is shaping its upcoming election [PDF]
22.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Campaign Notebook: More female MPs would improve debate in House, Elizabeth May says [PDF]
22.09.15 Goldstream News Gazette - Election polling a numbers game [PDF]
22.09.15 CTV News - Top 3 parties remain deadlocked [PDF]
21.09.15 The Hill Times online - Some 33 federal ridings with more than 50 per cent visible minority population up for grabs on Oct. 19 [PDF]
21.09.15 The Hill Times online - Conservatives running ‘Timex campaign,’ they're taking a licking and keep on ticking [PDF]
21.09.15 iPOLITICS - Feud emerging between pollsters as election day approaches [PDF]
21.09.15 National Post - Mulcair discovers a use for the Senate — pass his laws. And other reasons to fear for humanity [PDF]
21.09.15 - Polls suggest Trudeau in trouble, using freedom as bargaining chip may cost him [PDF]
21.09.15 CTV News - Three-way race continues, proportion of accessible voters for NDP declines [PDF]
21.09.15 Bloomberg - Fall in Housing Optimism Erodes Canada Consumer Confidence Index [PDF]
20.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Ottawa fast-tracks refugee resettlement process [PDF]
20.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Parties still in three-way tie after federal leaders’ debate: poll [PDF]
20.09.15 CTV News - Nanos poll: No breakaway after debate, 3- way tie continues [PDF]
19.09.15 CTV News - Nanos poll: Harper slightly ahead for preferred PM [PDF]
18.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Ottawa asks for stay on niqab ruling pending Supreme Court appeal [PDF]
18.09.15 South Asian Daily - NANOS SURVEY Three way national race within margin of error – POLL [PDF]
18.09.15 Projection Time - SEAT PROJECTION: NANOS POLL, SEPTEMBER 17, 2015 [PDF]
18.09.15 iPOLITICS - Three reasonable men … one boring debate [PDF]
18.09.15 CTV News - Nanos tracking: Three-way national race very close [PDF]
17.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Voters in favour of Liberals' economic plan, but unsure on Trudeau: poll [PDF]
17.09.15 CTV News - Harper marginally ahead of Mulcair as preferred PM: Nanos [PDF]
17.09.15 CTV News - Frontrunners face off in Calgary debate [PDF]
17.09.15 CTV News - Nanos poll: Majority say 'time for change'; Conservatives more trusted to manage economy [PDF]
17.09.15 CP24 - Canadians favour infrastructure spending to boost economy: Poll [PDF]
17.09.15 Bloomberg - Contenders in Canada Election Pitch Unthinkable: Higher Taxes [PDF]
17.09.15 580 CFRA - What you Need to Know in Ottawa Today [PDF]
16.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Conservatives’ refugee crisis response far from fatal for Harper [PDF]
16.09.15 Macleans - Federal election 2015: Time for a national dementia strategy [PDF]
16.09.15 CTV News - Strong support for accepting more Syrian refugees: Nanos poll [PDF]
16.09.15 CTV News - Nanos poll: Three-way contest for major parties continues [PDF]
16.09.15 CP24 - Three main parties remain neck and neck: Poll [PDF]
15.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Mulcair’s no-deficit plan has met some resistance in NDP ranks [PDF]
15.09.15 The Globe and Mail - The decisions behind the scenes of the Liberals’ infrastructure plan [PDF]
15.09.15 Macleans - Election 2015: The day that was [PDF]
15.09.15 CTV News - Nanos poll: Federal ballot wound tight in three-way tie [PDF]
14.09.15 CTV News - Nanos survey: Mulcair, Harper tied as preferred PM; Trudeau closely trails [PDF]
14.09.15 CTV News - Nanos poll: 3 major parties remain in tight race [PDF]
13.09.15 CTV News - Nanos survey: Only 4 percentage points separate preferred PMs [PDF]
13.09.15 CTV News - Will the youth vote have a bigger impact in campus ridings in 2015? [PDF]
13.09.15 CTV News - Nanos poll: Major parties gripped in 3-way tie [PDF]
12.09.15 - Nanos poll shows election too close to call [PDF]
12.09.15 National Post - Trudeau and Liberals move forward with hope in election campaign despite rocky end to the week [PDF]
12.09.15 CTV News - Nanos survey: 3-way toss-up for voters' preferred PM [PDF]
12.09.15 CTV News - Election recap: Social media scandals dominate Week 6 [PDF]
12.09.15 CTV News - Nanos poll: Close election horse race continues [PDF]
11.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Liberals, NDP to vie for voters planning to vote strategically [PDF]
11.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Lynton Crosby explains how conservatives can win [PDF]
11.09.15 Digital Journal - Op-Ed: Polls conflict but any major party could win Canadian election [PDF]
11.09.15 CTV News - Nanos tracking: Major parties in tight 3-way race [PDF]
10.09.15 The Guardian - Canada election 2015: Tories seek out 'Australian rottweiler' Lynton Crosby [PDF]
10.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Margin of error [PDF]
10.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Tories in trouble in the Maritimes? [PDF]
10.09.15 CTV News - Nanos nightly tracking: No breakaway movement for any major party [PDF]
10.09.15 CTV News - Tight race for Canadians' preferred PM: Nanos poll [PDF]
09.09.15 The Vancouver Sun - Daphne Bramham: Voters compassionate about helping refugees [PDF]
09.09.15 The Peterborough Examiner - Liberals have edge in Peterborough-Kawartha riding, according to Nanos poll commissioned by Friends of Canadian Broadcasting as part of campaign to save CBC funding [PDF]
09.09.15 The Orangeville Citizen - Is PMO behind the Tories' plunge? [PDF]
09.09.15 - FEDERAL ELECTION DESK: Looking for the breaking point in such a tight race [PDF]
09.09.15 National Post - Tory campaign would be in a better place if it had any life in it [PDF]
09.09.15 iPOLITICS - Campaign 2015: the story so far, poll by poll [PDF]
09.09.15 CTV News - Nanos nightly tracking: Tight race between Liberals and NDP continues [PDF]
08.09.15 Toronto Sun - NDP a pig in a poke [PDF]
08.09.15 Yahoo News - Tories trail in Canada election campaign: poll [PDF]
08.09.15 The Star - In Red Tory Ontario, Justin Trudeau appears to have an edge: Walkom [PDF]
08.09.15 The Star - NDP or Liberal government ‘real possibilities,’ says Harper [PDF]
08.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Finally – the real campaign is here [PDF]
08.09.15 Reuters - Canada's ruling Conservatives fall further behind in new poll [PDF]
08.09.15 - Conservatives losing support: Nanos poll [PDF]
08.09.15 Net News Ledger - New Democrats Hold Slight Lead over Liberals in Latest Nanos Research Poll [PDF]
08.09.15 CTV News - MulcAir takes flight while promises not yet costed out [PDF]
08.09.15 CTV News - Campaign woes, poll numbers rattle Conservative camp [PDF]
08.09.15 CTV News - 5 things to know for Tuesday, September 8, 2015 [PDF]
08.09.15 CP24 - Notes from the campaign trail: Conservatives lose steam in recent poll [PDF]
08.09.15 AM900 CHML - Conservatives slip in latest election poll [PDF]
08.09.15 AM640 Talk Radio - Conservatives Trailing In Latest Poll [PDF]
07.09.15 The Star - Potential NDP/Liberal vote-swappers confound election predictions [PDF]
07.09.15 The Star - Harper’s Conservatives slide in public support in new poll [PDF]
07.09.15 The Hill Times online - Long campaign, constant small pledges, votes may not be about programs: pollsters [PDF]
07.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Support for Conservatives dips on response to migrant crisis, poll shows [PDF]
07.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Support for Conservatives dips on response to migrant crisis, poll shows [PDF]
07.09.15 CTV News - Conservatives slip to third as NDP, Liberals enter two-way race: Nanos poll [PDF]
07.09.15 CP24 - Conservatives lose ground as NDP gains momentum: poll [PDF]
06.09.15 Bloomberg - Canada Election Shifts Gears After Trying Summer for Harper [PDF]
06.09.15 - Refugees, Harper and Canada [PDF]
06.09.15 CTV News - Key themes emerge in first half of marathon election campaign [PDF]
06.09.15 CBC News - Canada election decision unclear for Halifax woman who rotates lawn signs [PDF]
02.09.15 Orangeville Citizen - An election that's anyone's to lose? [PDF]
02.09.15 iPOLITICS - Health could yet turn out to be the sleeper issue of the election [PDF]
01.09.15 The Hill Times online - Liberals air two new ads setting up Trudeau as middle class champion [PDF]
01.09.15 The Globe and Mail - Half of Canadian voters undecided: poll [PDF]
01.09.15 CTV News - Major parties still tied month into campaign: Nanos poll [PDF]
31.08.15 The Globe and Mail - NDP squeezed between two clearer plans for tackling recession [PDF]
31.08.15 The Globe and Mail - NDP squeezed between two clearer plans for tackling recession [PDF]
31.08.15 CTV News - Harper dodges the R-word: 'We've had a contraction' [PDF]
30.08.15 Toronto Sun - Trudeau gambling with Canada's future [PDF]
30.08.15 The Globe and Mail - Liberals, Tories rush to brand NDP's spending plan as 'reckless' [PDF]
29.08.15 The Globe and Mail - What lasting impression will the Duffy trial leave on voters? [PDF]
28.08.15 The Globe and Mail - Justin Trudeau alters election equation with deficit-spending gamble [PDF]
28.08.15 The Chronicle Herald - Make deficit policies suit the economy [PDF]
28.08.15 Digital Journal - Two new polls show NDP leading in Canadian election race [PDF]
27.08.15 Reuters - Canada's Liberals take gamble, propose deficits to boost growth [PDF]
27.08.15 CTV News - 5 things to know for Thursday, August 27, 2015 [PDF]
27.08.15 CTV News - Country bracing for 'made in Canada' recession: former chief statistician [PDF]
26.08.15 The Globe and Mail - Canadians believe economy is in recession, OK with deficit: poll [PDF]
26.08.15 The Globe and Mail - Even with NDP leading polls, Conservatives projected to win more seats [PDF]
26.08.15 Ottawa Citizen - Ottawa residents want Uber to be allowed to operate [PDF]
26.08.15 National Post - Momentum that propelled NDP to top of polls likely to stall in Ontario [PDF]
26.08.15 CTV News - Economy Poll: Half of Canadians say Harper win would have a negative impact [PDF]
26.08.15 CTV News - Possible breakthrough to disruptive taxi protest [PDF]
26.08.15 Bloomberg - Socialist, Chaotic or Stable: How Canada’s Vote Could Turn Out [PDF]
25.08.15 The Globe and Mail - Duffy trial breaks until November – to Conservatives' relief [PDF]
25.08.15 The Globe and Mail - Parties tangled in three-way tie as Duffy drags on Tories: poll [PDF]
25.08.15 Digital Journal - Latest poll shows NDP Tories and Liberals virtually tied [PDF]
25.08.15 CTV News - Duffy trial hurt how most Canadians view the Conservatives: poll [PDF]
25.08.15 CTV News - Harper sliding, but still leading as preferred PM: Nanos survey [PDF]
25.08.15 CTV News - Major parties locked in virtual tie: Nanos poll [PDF]
25.08.15 Bloomberg - Trudeau Breaks From Pack on Promptly Balancing Canada Budget [PDF]
24.08.15 Bloomberg - New Study Shows Canadians are Concerned about the Long Term Care Needs of Seniors [PDF]
24.08.15 Bloomberg - Housing Drives Biggest Canada Confidence Gain Since May 2014 [PDF]
23.08.15 Times Colonist - Young voters could make all the difference [PDF]
20.08.15 iPOLITICS - Meat plant inspector shortfall in Manitoba putting public at risk: union [PDF]
18.08.15 Westman Journal - Small-ball politics may save Tory majority [PDF]
18.08.15 The Globe and Mail - NDP, Conservatives and Liberals in virtual tie nationally, poll shows [PDF]
18.08.15 National Post - Canadian election 2015: Poll tracker [PDF]
18.08.15 National Post - Trudeau’s anticoalition vow puts him on both sides of electoral reform [PDF]
18.08.15 CTV News - Election 2015: Ontario voters push Conservatives to slight lead in Nanos polling [PDF]
17.08.15 Bloomberg - Canada Consumer Confidence Ends Six-Week Slide, Nanos Poll Shows [PDF]
14.08.15 The Huffington Post - Federal Election 2015: NDP Promises More Powers For Budget Watchdog [PDF]
12.08.15 The Globe and Mail - NDP rejects well-worn path to victory through Toronto-area battleground [PDF]
12.08.15 CBC News - Poll Tracker: Liberal fortunes improve following 1st leaders' debate [PDF]
11.08.15 The Globe and Mail - National three-way tie hides worry for NDP in Ontario, poll suggests [PDF]
11.08.15 The Globe and Mail - Early election call suggests Harper doesn’t think Duffy trial will hurt [PDF]
11.08.15 CTV News - Election 2015: Nanos poll suggests tight race continues [PDF]
10.08.15 Winniped Free Press - 2015 national election poll tracker [PDF]
10.08.15 The True North Times - NDP Wants Universal Childcare Benefits Donated to Party [PDF]
10.08.15 News 1130 - Confidence in Canada's economy at two-year low; how could that affect your vote in the federal election? [PDF]
10.08.15 Bloomberg - Canadian Consumer Confidence Falls for 6th Week on Economy Worry [PDF]
09.08.15 The Star - Social media activity measured after leaders' debate [PDF]
08.08.15 CTV News - Election 2015: What happened in Week 1 [PDF]
07.08.15 London Free Press - Trudeau comes out swinging, but no clear debate winner [PDF]
06.08.15 The Globe and Mail - Notley blasts Harper for comments calling NDP government ‘a disaster’ [PDF]
06.08.15 CTV News - Election 2015: What will it take for each of the leaders to win? [PDF]
06.08.15 Calgary Herald - Uber could be welcomed by many Calgarians, poll finds [PDF]
06.08.15 AM 980 News Talk Sports - Canadian Economy to Figure Prominently During First Leaders Debate [PDF]
05.08.15 Times Colonist - Political leaders spend time away from campaign trail to prepare for debate [PDF]
05.08.15 Macleans - How the leaders hope to win this election [PDF]
05.08.15 CTV News - Federal leaders take break from hustings to prepare for first debate [PDF]
05.08.15 CTV News - 5 things to know for Wednesday, August 5, 2015 [PDF]
05.08.15 Bloomberg - Trudeau Faces Litmus Test in First Canadian Election Debate [PDF]
04.08.15 The Globe and Mail - Return of renovation tax credit unlikely to match last economic boost [PDF]
04.08.15 The Globe and Mail - Some vital perspective on Conservatives’ economic record [PDF]
04.08.15 - Leaders hit the hustings in Toronto and Montreal [PDF]
04.08.15 Northumberland View - Reality Check: Stephen Harper Turns Back on Retirement Security [PDF]
04.08.15 National Observer - Minority gov't games: what happens if Harper loses his majority? [PDF]
04.08.15 - COLIN MACKAY: No sure bet locally [PDF]
04.08.15 Gulf News Canada - Long Canadian election campaign risks voter anger, apathy [PDF]
04.08.15 CTV News - NDP numbers plateau as Conservatives have strong July: Nanos [PDF]
04.08.15 580 CFRA News Talk Radio - What you Need to Know in Ottawa Today [PDF]
03.08.15 The Globe and Mail - Prepare for a flood of political ads: positioning expert [PDF]
03.08.15 The Globe and Mail - Sixty per cent of Canadians’ votes up for grabs, poll suggests [PDF]
03.08.15 Macleans - What to watch for in the Maclean’s debate [PDF]
03.08.15 CTV News - Nanos analysis: Post-holiday weekends will be the key junctures for public opinion [PDF]
02.08.15 The Globe and Mail - Canada's electoral geography: Where parties are likely to gain seats [PDF]
02.08.15 The Globe and Mail - Parties launch federal campaigns with focus on Harper's fiscal track record [PDF]
02.08.15 The Chronicle Herald - Canadians ‘just not ready’ for long campaign [PDF]
02.08.15 CTV News - Nanos survey: Tight race begins for top three parties [PDF]
02.08.15 Bloomberg - Economy Takes Center Stage as Harper Starts Canada Election [PDF]
01.08.15 Winnipeg Free Press - On the economy, Tories in denial [PDF]
01.08.15 The Lethbridge Herald - Key poll information is in the trends [PDF]
01.08.15 Northumberland View - Federal Election Campaign to Get Underway [PDF]
01.08.15 CTV News - 'I am ready': Trudeau responds to Tories in new ad [PDF]
31.07.15 The Globe and Mail - Why the economy could be the Conservatives' toughest opponent [PDF]
31.07.15 International Business Times - Canada’s economic issues affecting PM Harper’s edge in polls as NDP leader Mulcair talks up his vision [PDF]
31.07.15 CTV News - Liberals attack Tory economic record ahead of election call [PDF]
30.07.15 CTV News - Trudeau 'not worried' about trailing in poll on economic trust [PDF]
29.07.15 National Newswatch - NDP remain highest on Nanos Index as Duceppe’s leadership numbers propel Bloc score [PDF]
29.07.15 National Observer - NDP on top as voters show 'fatigue' with Conservative government [PDF]
29.07.15 Ottawa Citizen - Denley: Stephen Harper's "economic manager" brand is risky [PDF]
29.07.15 The Huffington Post Canada - Harper Says High Debt Levels A Sign Of Consumer Confidence, As Consumer Confidence Drops [PDF]
29.07.15 Global News - Cost of living, economy among most important issues in upcoming election, says new poll [PDF]
29.07.15 CTV News - Nanos poll: 66 per cent of voters want change [PDF]
29.07.15 CTV News - Federal election could be called as early as this weekend [PDF]
28.07.15 The Globe and Mail - Olivia Chow launches federal comeback in new Toronto riding [PDF]
28.07.15 Prince George Citizen - Watch out for the trends [PDF]
27.07.15 The Globe and Mail - Mulcair leads election poll on economy [PDF]
27.07.15 Global News - Is the NDP good for the economy? New poll suggests nearly half of Canadians say yes [PDF]
27.07.15 CTV News - As opposition questions Conservative claim of surplus, economy poll puts NDP on top [PDF]
27.07.15 Canadian Content - Mulcair leads election poll on economy [PDF]
27.07.15 Bloomberg - Canadian Consumer Sentiment Falls to Two-Year Low After Rate Cut [PDF]
26.07.15 Winnipeg Sun - Manitobans inoculated against Orange Crush [PDF]
24.07.15 CTV News - Pre-election campaign trail: Leaders face questions on Senate, possible NDP/Grit coalition [PDF]
23.07.15 National Post - NDP tied with Conservatives but have more room to grow, poll suggests [PDF]
23.07.15 National Post - NDP tied with Conservatives but have more room to grow, poll suggests [PDF]
22.07.15 The Globe and Mail - NDP tied with Conservatives but have more room to grow, poll suggests [PDF]
22.07.15 National Post - Justin Trudeau slumps as voters‘ preferred PM but don‘t blame attack ads [PDF]
22.07.15 CTV News - Nanos ballot tracking: Conservatives 31, NDP 31, Liberals 27 [PDF]
22.07.15 Country 105 - Tories And NDP Tied In Nanos Poll [PDF]
20.07.15 The Globe and Mail - Canada’s Economic Gloom Hits Consumer Confidence: Ruling Conservatives Fear Jolt In Polls [PDF]
20.07.15 International Business Times - Canada’s Economic Gloom Hits Consumer Confidence: Ruling Conservatives Fear Jolt In Polls [PDF]
20.07.15 Bloomberg - Confidence Plunges in Canada as Officials Quibble Over R-Word [PDF]
16.07.15 Bloomberg - Bank of Canada Downgrade Weakens Harper’s Election Trump Card [PDF]
15.07.15 National Newswatch - Mulcair’s NDP highest on Nanos Index for seventh straight week [PDF]
14.07.15 The Huffington Post Canada - Lynne Yelich Loses Conservative Party Nomination In New Riding [PDF]
14.07.15 Reuters - Conservatives may face unexpected hazard as economy cools [PDF]
14.07.15 CTV News - NDP highest on Nanos Index for seventh straight week [PDF]
13.07.15 The Hill Times online - Doubling down on economy poses risks to Tories as Canada probably in oil-shock recession [PDF]
13.07.15 Bloomberg - Canada Economic Gloom Drags Household Confidence to 12-Week Low [PDF]
13.07.15 Bloomberg - Canada’s Untested New Democrats Take Early Lead in Campaign [PDF]
09.07.15 The Globe and Mail - July 9: Right, centre, left – and other letters to the editor [PDF]
08.07.15 National Observer - NDP leading a tight horse race, two national polls show [PDF]
08.07.15 CTV News - Nearly half of Canadians trust technology to help replace fossil fuels: Nanos survey [PDF]
07.07.15 Southwest Booster - Questioning David Anderson's committment to Senate abolishment [PDF]
07.07.15 CTV News - Bloc Quebecois continue to climb on Nanos Index [PDF]
06.07.15 The Globe and Mail - Catch up: NDP seen as “clearest change” from Tories and other stories you may have missed [PDF]
06.07.15 The Globe and Mail - NDP viewed as clearest alternative to Conservatives, poll shows [PDF]
06.07.15 Bloomberg - Oil Crash Sent Canada Into First-Half Recession, TD says [PDF]
06.07.15 Bloomberg - Canada Company Optimism Stays Weak on Energy in BOC Survey [PDF]
06.07.15 Bloomberg - Consumer Sentiment Holds Up Amid Canada's Economic Contraction [PDF]
29.06.15 Bloomberg - Canada Household Confidence Reaches 5-Week High on Real Estate [PDF]
05.06.15 The Chronicle Herald - BLACK: Parties’ CPP promises lost in electoral fog [PDF]
05.06.15 The Chronicle Herald - BLACK: Parties’ CPP promises lost in electoral fog [PDF]
04.06.15 The Globe and Mail - Seven things to know for the Canada Pension Plan debate [PDF]
03.06.15 The Globe and Mail - Why Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown embraced Pride [PDF]
03.06.15 - Canadians overwhelmingly support more funding for mental health, mental illness and addiction [PDF]
03.06.15 Canadian Mental Health Association - NDP pulls even with Liberals, Conservatives in close Nanos Index race [PDF]
02.06.15 CTV News - NDP pulls even with Liberals, Conservatives in close Nanos Index race [PDF]
01.06.15 The Record - Voluntary CPP payments no fix [PDF]
01.06.15 The Globe and Mail - Fuelled by Notley’s victory, NDP take on Liberal stars in heart of Toronto [PDF]
01.06.15 Net News Ledger - Kenora Riding Political Race Heats Up with Bob Nault Nomination [PDF]
01.06.15 Bloomberg - Canada Confidence Falls From 5-Month High on Lower Job-Sentiment [PDF]
29.05.15 The Globe and Mail - Why CPP has become an election issue [PDF]
29.05.15 Chilliwack Progress May 29 2015 - Column: Government has a duty to let scientists speak [PDF]
28.05.15 Winnipeg Free Press - Voluntary CPP payments no fix [PDF]
28.05.15 The Globe and Mail - Sounds like ‘schmelection’: The CPP reform charade [PDF]
28.05.15 The Globe and Mail - Canada needs a new approach to protecting groundwater [PDF]
28.05.15 Ottawa Citizen - Polls show NDP in three-way tie, but pollsters warn voters not yet engaged [PDF]
27.05.15 Toronto Sun - Let all Canadians opt out of CPP [PDF]
27.05.15 National Post - Tasha Kheiriddin: Putting more money in seniors’ pockets … just in time for the election [PDF]
27.05.15 CTV News - NDP hits 12-month high on accessible voters while 3 parties tight in Power Index [PDF]
25.05.15 - Media Advisory - Canadian Energy Leaders Meet to Examine the Energy "Big Picture [PDF]
25.05.15 Bloomberg - Canada Consumer Sentiment Reaches 5-Month High [PDF]
24.05.15 The Vancouver Sun - Academics slam tactics of Vancouver group behind anti-union law [PDF]
22.05.15 The Star - TFSAs aren’t just for the rich – and here’s the proof: Pape [PDF]
21.05.15 Bloomberg - Harper in "Sweet Spot" Ahead of Elelction, Poll Shows [PDF]
20.05.15 CBC News - NDP jumps into 3-way race with Conservatives, Liberals [PDF]
19.05.15 National Post - Justin Trudeau pinning his hopes on a class war is a losing strategy [PDF]
19.05.15 CTV News - Conservatives catch up to Liberals on Nanos Party Power Index [PDF]
19.05.15 Bloomberg - Renewed Real Estate Concern Crimps Canadian Consumer Confidence [PDF]
18.05.15 The Globe and Mail - NDP eager to sell orange wave image, even if it’s a mirage [PDF]
18.05.15 National Newswatch - Federal Conservatives, Liberals in virtual tie as NDP trend upward: Nanos survey [PDF]
18.05.15 CTV News - 5 things to know for Monday, May 18, 2015 [PDF]
18.05.15 CP 24 - Tories in tight race ahead of expected election: Poll [PDF]
17.05.15 CJAD 800 News - Federal Liberals neck and neck with ruling Tories: Nanos Poll [PDF]
15.05.15 CTV News - Canadians find Duffy, Harper more responsible in Senate controversy than Wright: survey [PDF]
13.05.15 The Globe and Mail - Supreme Court rules Omar Khadr was sentenced as a juvenile in minutes [PDF]
13.05.15 The Globe and Mail - Investors should worry about Trudeau’s plans [PDF]
13.05.15 CTV News - Liberals, Tories, NDP within three points on Nanos Index [PDF]
11.05.15 The Hill Times online - Strategists warn not to make direct link between NDP’s historic Alberta win, future federal seats [PDF]
11.05.15 CTV News - Jack Layton hovers over Mulcair, candidate on NDP flyers [PDF]
11.05.15 Bloomberg - Economic Optimism Keeps Canada Consumer Confidence at 2015 High [PDF]
07.05.15 The Vancouver Sun - Alberta voters show they want change on economy, energy files [PDF]
07.05.15 Montreal Gazette - Opinion: A continuum of care, before a natural death [PDF]
06.05.15 CTV News - Federal NDP looking to benefit from Alberta win [PDF]
05.05.15 National Post - Letters: The right to draw Muhammad [PDF]
05.05.15 CTV News - Tories post second-straight positive week; Alberta election could have federal impact [PDF]
04.05.15 The Globe and Mail - Canadians support increasing CPP benefits, poll finds [PDF]
04.05.15 The Globe and Mail - Catch up: Canadians want higher CPP benefits and other stories you may have missed today [PDF]
04.05.15 Chronicle Journal - The business case for sustainability [PDF]
04.05.15 Bloomberg - Bullish Outlooks From Oliver to Poloz Buoy Canada Consumer Index [PDF]
30.04.15 Canadian Journalists for Free Expression - Media Advisory - World Press Freedom Day: CJFE finds Canadians want change [PDF]
29.04.15 Toronto Sun - End-of-life care failing Canadians [PDF]
29.04.15 Owen Sound Sun Times - Most Canadians think end-of-life care system is broken, survey suggests [PDF]
27.04.15 The Tyee - Among Millennials, No Political Party Has a Commanding Lead [PDF]
27.04.15 The Hill Times online - Ministers, PM target Vancouver, Winnipeg, Kitchener in post-budget tour: all about holding seats, say strategists [PDF]
27.04.15 Bloomberg - Canada Consumer Confidence Touches 3-Month High on Real Estate [PDF]
23.04.15 Bloomberg - Trudeau Borrows Obama Playbook for Election Run at Harper [PDF]
23.04.15 Bloomberg - Trudeau Borrows Obama Playbook for Election Run at Harper [PDF]
21.04.15 CTV News - Liberals score highest on Nanos Index, as West drives negative trend for Tories [PDF]
21.04.15 Bloomberg - Canada Cuts Surplus Forecasts by C$18 Billion Amid Oil Shock [PDF]
20.04.15 The Hill Times online - Hidden poll numbers also point to a Trudeau win, says letter-writer [PDF]
20.04.15 The Globe and Mail - Federal budget is more about the politics of seeking fourth term [PDF]
20.04.15 CTV News - Philippine President Benigno Aquino to visit Canada in May [PDF]
20.04.15 Bloomberg - Harper's Pre-Election Budget to End 7 Years of Canada Deficits [PDF]
17.04.15 Montreal Gazette - Opinion: In the next federal election, let students vote where they study [PDF]
15.04.15 - Soft landing underway in most Canadian real estate markets [PDF]
14.04.15 CTV News - NDP, Conservatives tied on latest Nanos Index [PDF]
13.04.15 The Hill Times online - Duffy criminal trial a no-win situation for Conservatives, but too early to say if it will stick [PDF]
13.04.15 Bloomberg - Canada Bloomberg Nanos Consumer Sentiment Nears Two-Month High [PDF]
11.04.15 Westman Journal - It’s the economy that matters, say Canadians [PDF]
10.04.15 Bloomberg - Canada Posts Unexpected Jobs Gain in March [PDF]
07.04.15 CTV News - New Democrats moving up on Nanos Index, Liberals still on top [PDF]
06.04.15 Toronto Sun - Senators must prove worth [PDF]
06.04.15 The Tyee - Young Voters Could Defeat Harper, So Why Don't They? [PDF]
06.04.15 The Chronicle Herald - LEGER: Terrorism or jobs — Did Tories misplay their hand? [PDF]
06.04.15 Financial Post - Canadian job security takes a hit after layoff carnage in energy and retail [PDF]
04.04.15 Caledon Enterprise - Trudeau at crossroads on two-year anniversary: Hepburn [PDF]
03.04.15 The Globe and Mail - Get ready to rumble: Canada’s federal parties are preparing for battle [PDF]
01.04.15 Welland Tribune - Winning a war no way to win an election [PDF]
01.04.15 The Globe and Mail - Economy a higher priority than terrorism for Canadian voters: poll [PDF]
01.04.15 Bloomberg - Harper Shrugging Off Oil Shock Sets Up Budget Reality Check [PDF]
01.04.15 1310 NEWS - Canadians more concerned about economy than terrorism: Nanos [PDF]
31.03.15 NET NEWS LEDGER - Thunder Bay Rainy River Liberal Race Getting Busy [PDF]
31.03.15 CTV News - Liberals, Tories neck-and-neck on economic growth question: Nanos/CTV News poll [PDF]
30.03.15 The Salt Lake Tribune - Consumer confidence in Canada up for 4th week [PDF]
30.03.15 Bloomberg - Canadian consumer confidence gains for 4th week on Economy view [PDF]
27.03.15 The Huffington Post Canada - Online Polls: Good for Lifestyle Quizzes, Not for Politics [PDF]
25.03.15 NET NEWS LEDGER - Federal Political Scene Sees Conservatives Leading [PDF]
25.03.15 National Newswatch - Liberal Party top on index, Harper top as preferred Prime Minister [PDF]
24.03.15 CTV News - Harper leadership numbers strong as Tories drive anti-terror agenda [PDF]
23.03.15 Yahoo News - NDP introduce the real Tom Mulcair as election campaign heats up [PDF]
23.03.15 The Globe and Mail - Greenhouse gas emissions: Who’s responsible for climate policy in Canada? [PDF]
23.03.15 NET NEWS LEDGER - Putting healthcare on the federal election agenda [PDF]
23.03.15 Bloomberg - Canadian consumer confidence gains for third week on real estate [PDF]
18.03.15 NET NEWS LEDGER - Conservatives Holding in Polls Over Liberals [PDF]
18.03.15 National Newswatch - Liberals on top, with Tories near 84 week high on Nanos Index [PDF]
18.03.15 580 CFRA News Talk Radio - What you Need to Know in Ottawa Today [PDF]
17.03.15 CTV News - Liberals still ahead but Tories near 84-week high on Nanos Party Power Index [PDF]
16.03.15 The Globe and Mail - Harper’s economic halo is hard to dim [PDF]
16.03.15 - 2015 federal election: A voter’s guide to political polling [PDF]
16.03.15 Bloomberg - Real Estate Worries Wane After Bank of Canada Cut Stokes Demand [PDF]
14.03.15 The Globe and Mail - Trudeau seeks the fountain of youth [PDF]
14.03.15 National Post - What do those numbers even mean? A voter’s guide to political polling in this 2015 federal election year [PDF]
14.03.15 Huffington Post - A Voter's Guide To Political Polling In This 2015 Federal Election Year [PDF]
14.03.15 680 News - A voter’s guide to political polling in this 2015 federal election year [PDF]
14.03.15 - Sgt. Doiron buried today [PDF]
14.03.15 Brandon Sun - A voter's guide to political polling in this 2015 federal election year [PDF]
11.03.15 National Newswatch - Liberals score higher but Harper remains at 12 month high [PDF]
10.03.15 CTV News - Grits score higher but Tories continue 2-month-long positive trend [PDF]
09.03.15 Edmonton Journal - Ecofiscal commission comes to Edmonton [PDF]
09.03.15 Bloomberg - Ontario Consumers Help Snap 6-Week Slide in Canada Confidence [PDF]
08.03.15 Toronto Sun - Carbon pricing is no free lunch [PDF]
05.03.15 Toronto Sun - Let's leave Harper in charge [PDF]
05.03.15 The Globe and Mail - Canadians favour taxes to curb emissions, but not at the gas pump [PDF]
05.03.15 - Harper surrenders to ISIS (or how the left should talk about terrorism) [PDF]
05.03.15 CTV News - 5 things to know for Thursday, March 5, 2015 [PDF]
04.03.15 CTV News - Half of Canadians plan to delay major purchases: Nanos/CTV News poll [PDF]
03.03.15 The Hill Times online - Liberal Party holds contested nominations with three or more candidates in 37 ridings, Tories hold 11 [PDF]
03.03.15 Sportscaster Magazine - Canadians Say Supporting Canadian Broadcasters More Important Than Watching Super Bowl TV Ads [PDF]
03.03.15 CTV News - Conservatives at 52-week high on Nanos Index [PDF]
02.03.15 Winnipeg Free Press - Bell goes to court over regulator move to bring U.S. Super Bowl ads to Canada [PDF]
02.03.15 The Globe and Mail - Bell appeals CRTC decision to air U.S. Super Bowl commercials [PDF]
02.03.15 - Bell goes to court over regulator move to bring U.S. Super Bowl ads to Canada [PDF]
02.03.15 - Bell goes to court to quash CRTC policy bringing U.S. Superbowl ads to Canada [PDF]
02.03.15 Financial Post - Bell files appeal over CRTC move to bring U.S. Super Bowl ads to Canada [PDF]
02.03.15 CTV News - Bell Media goes to court to fight CRTC ruling on Super Bowl ads [PDF]
02.03.15 CNW - Nanos: Only 20% of Canadians Say Ability to Watch Super Bowl Ads More Important Than Supporting Canadian Broadcasters [PDF]
02.03.15 Calgary Sun - Bell fighting ruling allowing U.S. Super Bowl ads in Canada [PDF]
02.03.15 Bloomberg - Canada Consumer Gloom Deepens Before Poloz Interest Rate Meeting [PDF]
27.02.15 Northern News - Kirkland Lake represented at Good Roads Conference [PDF]
25.02.15 National Newswatch - Parties stable in latest Nanos Party Power Index as Bloc hits new 12-month high [PDF]
25.02.15 CTV News - 5 things to know for Wednesday, February 25, 2015 [PDF]
24.02.15 CTV News - Bloc hits 12-month high in accessible voters, parties stable in Nanos Party Power Index [PDF]
23.02.15 Toronto Star - Economy, consumer confidence brighten in Ontario [PDF]
23.02.15 - Why low rates may not be enough to save the housing market [PDF]
23.02.15 Bloomberg - Alberta Becomes Canada’s Most Pessimistic Region, Poll Data Show [PDF]
29.01.15 The Globe and Mail - Canadians support increased security powers, poll suggests [PDF]
28.01.15 National Newswatch - Harper and Trudeau remain locked in a tight race for preferred PM [PDF]
28.01.15 Economic Times - The challenge for Canada's Trudeau: substance over style [PDF]
28.01.15 CTV News - Nanos tracking: Harper, Trudeau remain locked in tight race for preferred PM [PDF]
26.01.15 Toronto Sun - Theatre of the absurd [PDF]
26.01.15 Bloomberg - Canada Economic Pessimism Rises to Highest Since 2011 on Oil [PDF]
25.01.15 The Globe and Mail - Non-partisan environmental groups target suburban Canadian voters [PDF]
22.01.15 Bloomberg - Harper Benefits From Poloz Insurance as Election Looms [PDF]
21.01.15 National Newswatch - Harper -Trudeau preferred PM tussle continues [PDF]
21.01.15 CBC News - Economy, not terrorism, remains Canadians' top vote driver [PDF]
21.01.15 BNN News - Harper and Trudeau tightly locked in latest Nanos polling [PDF]
20.01.15 The Globe and Mail - New for subscribers: Get Nanos weekly polls early on Harper, Mulcair, Trudeau [PDF]
20.01.15 CTV News - Nanos poll: Harper, Trudeau tightly locked in preferred PM tracking [PDF]
19.01.15 Bloomberg - Mixed Feelings Prevail in Canada as Cheap Gas Cushions Oil Shock [PDF]
14.01.15 National Newswatch - Tories slide for fourth week as Trudeau surpasses Harper as preferred PM [PDF]
14.01.15 CTV News - Conservatives slide for fourth week in Nanos Party Power Index [PDF]
13.01.15 - Consumer sentiment dropping regarding housing prices [PDF]
12.01.15 - Disappointing Employment Numbers In Canada [PDF]
12.01.15 Bloomberg Businessweek - Calgary Housing Market Among Early Alberta Slowdown Signs [PDF]
07.01.15 National Newswatch - Liberals 56 points, Conservatives 51 points, NDP 49 points on Nanos Party Power Index [PDF]
07.01.15 CTV News - Federal Liberals tops on Nanos Party Power Index tracking [PDF]
07.01.15 CBC News - Stephen Harper's approval ratings are up, but is it enough? [PDF]
07.01.15 Bloomberg - Oil Export Plunge Signals Canada Economy Running on Empty [PDF]
05.01.15 The Huffington Post Canada - Canadians Are Turning Sour On The Housing Market [PDF]
05.01.15 The Globe and Mail - Troubled Fantino dropped as Veterans Minister ahead of election [PDF]
05.01.15 iPOLITICS - Has Harper’s ‘Big Shift’ run out of gas? [PDF]
05.01.15 Bloomberg - Canadian Stocks Fall to Worst Loss Since 2013 on Oil Drop [PDF]
05.01.15 Bloomberg - Canada Homebuyers Joining Real Estate Doubters: Nanos [PDF]
04.01.15 The Globe and Mail - Trudeau urges ‘evidence-based approach’ on marijuana, prostitution laws [PDF]
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