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Nanos Research News Archive 2014
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05.08.14 Toronto Star - Conservative pollster has Tory ahead in Toronto mayoral race, Ford back in third [PDF]
05.08.14 Toronto Star - Is John Tory in Toronto mayoral race ‘sweet spot?: Hepburn [PDF]
04.08.14 The Globe and Mail - Federal public service shed 31 per cent more jobs than budgeted [PDF]
29.07.14 - Confidence remains high as Canadians ignore talk of a bubble [PDF]
28.07.14 Bloomberg Businessweek - Canada Consumer Confidence Stays Near 4-Year High [PDF]
23.07.14 The Globe and Mail - Chow, Ford and Tory tied for lead in Toronto mayoral race, poll says [PDF]
23.07.14 The Globe and Mail - Rob Ford far behind in polls compared to last Toronto election [PDF]
23.07.14 National Newswatch - Nanos tracking suggests accessible voters for Tories and Grits at or near an 11 month high [PDF]
21.07.14 Canadian Grocer - New Survey: Gusto TV-Nanos Research ‘Foodie Nation’ Findings [PDF]
21.07.14 Bloomberg - Canadians Unfazed by Worst Labor Market Slump Since 2009 [PDF]
17.07.14 The Globe and Mail - Buoyant mood keeps Toronto housing market brisk [PDF]
15.07.14 - Price surge fuels Canadian housing optimism [PDF]
15.07.14 Bloomberg - Canadian June Existing Home Sales Rise to Four-Year High [PDF]
14.07.14 BNN News - Price surge fuels housing optimism to highest since 2008 [PDF]
09.07.14 The Hamilton Spectator - John Tory has the lead in new Toronto mayoral poll [PDF]
09.07.14 National Newswatch - Federal Liberals score highest on Nanos Party Power Index – Bloc trends down [PDF]
08.07.14 Toronto Savvy - John Tory leads Nanos poll Toronto [PDF]
08.07.14 - John Tory has the lead in new Toronto mayoral race poll [PDF]
08.07.14 Sun News - John Tory leads Toronto mayoral race: Poll [PDF]
07.07.14 Toronto Sun - Tory ahead in mayoral race: Poll [PDF]
07.07.14 The Globe and Mail - Transit tops Toronto issues in poll that put Tory ahead in mayoral race [PDF]
07.07.14 CTV Toronto News - Mayoral hopeful John Tory leading the race, new poll shows [PDF]
07.07.14 CityNews - Tory tops new poll as voters focus on transit [PDF]
07.07.14 - John Tory leads Toronto mayoral race: Poll [PDF]
07.07.14 Bloomberg Businessweek - Canada’s Consumer Confidence Nears 2014 High on Housing [PDF]
20.06.14 CBC News - Conservative nominations raise odds of early 2015 election [PDF]
16.06.14 Bloomberg - Canada Consumer Confidence Hits Lowest in 10 Weeks [PDF]
06.06.14 Bloomberg - Could Prince Rupert Land Give Enbridge a Gateway Plan B? [PDF]
04.06.14 The Vancouver Sun - Let’s hope for truly world-class leadership and a clear ‘no’ from Harper and Clark on Northern Gateway [PDF]
04.06.14 Bloomberg - Canada's Harper Risks Political Damage Allowing Gateway Pipeline [PDF]
03.06.14 Vancouver Observer - Majority of BC'ers oppose Northern Gateway, Nanos poll finds [PDF]
03.06.14 The Washington Post - B.C. Majority Want Harper to Delay or Kill Gateway Poll Says [PDF]
03.06.14 Financial Post - Majority of B.C. residents want the Harper government to delay or kill Gateway pipeline, poll says [PDF]
03.06.14 Business News Network - Majority in B.C. want Harper to delay or kill Northern Gateway: poll [PDF]
02.06.14 The Hill Times online - Pro-lifers to target nominations, MPs in next federal election [PDF]
02.06.14 Bloomberg Businessweek - Canada Consumer Sentiment Rises on Finances, Real Estate [PDF]
26.05.14 The Hill Times online - Doctors pushing seniors’ care top lobby in April [PDF]
21.05.14 CBC News - Trudeau's abortion policy lays groundwork for 2015 election [PDF]
20.05.14 Financial Post - Rising real estate prices and low interest rates keep Canadian households upbeat [PDF]
20.05.14 Bloomberg Businessweek - Real Estate Gains Keep Canadian Consumer Sentiment Near Highs [PDF]
15.05.14 National Post - Tories push against Mulcair perplexing since it only moves voters toward the Liberals [PDF]
14.05.14 The Hill Times online - Conservatives need to rebuild their brand in next year: Nanos [PDF]
14.05.14 National Post - Cynical, angry Mulcair takes a page from the Harper playbook [PDF]
12.05.14 The Hill Times online - Harper’s attack on chief justice akin to bringing a knife to a gunfight [PDF]
12.05.14 The Hill Times online - Conservatives could lose next election if Harper keeps picking fights, says Flanagan [PDF]
08.05.14 Bloomberg Businessweek - Harper Re-Election Hinges on 73-Year-Old Rookie Minister Oliver [PDF]
07.05.14 National Newswatch - Trudeau and Harper tied on preferred PM front [PDF]
05.05.14 Bloomberg Businessweek - Canada Consumer Confidence Holds at Almost 4-Year High on Stocks [PDF]
05.05.14 The Hill Times online - Conservatives need to rebuild their brand in next year: Nanos [PDF]
17.04.14 The Hill Times online - Quebec emerging as two-way race between Liberals, NDP in next election [PDF]
15.04.14 Digital Journal - New Poll shows Ontarians are Concerned about Long-Term Care and want new Investments [PDF]
14.04.14 On-Site Magazine - Canadians endorse P3s for major infrastructure projects [PDF]
14.04.14 Montreal Gazette - Quebec consumer confidence jumps to 9-month high on PQ’s election defeat [PDF]
14.04.14 The Hill Times online - ‘The selfie is not dead’: Instagram and political success [PDF]
14.04.14 Bloomberg Businessweek - Quebec Consumer Confidence Jumps on Separatists’ Election Defeat [PDF]
25.03.14 GlobalPost - Today on the Hill: former budget officer, opposition leaders push youth vote [PDF]
25.03.14 CNW - Comfortable majority of Torontonians behind Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Plan [PDF]
24.03.14 Bloomberg - Canada Consumer Sentiment Falls on Quebec Separation Talk [PDF]
22.03.14 The Vancouver Sun - Higher youth turnout could change tone, content and outcome of political debate [PDF]
22.03.14 The Globe and Mail - Higher youth turnout could change tone, content and outcome of political debate [PDF]
22.03.14 LA PRESSE.CA - Les jeunes peuvent changer le paysage politique fédéral [PDF]
22.03.14 CTV News - Higher youth turnout could change tone, outcome of political debate [PDF]
22.03.14 - Higher youth turnout could change tone of political debate [PDF]
22.03.14 CBC News - Higher youth turnout could change tone, outcome of elections [PDF]
22.03.14 Calgary Herald - Higher youth turnout could change tone, content and outcome of political debate [PDF]
20.03.14 The Globe and Mail - Tight race looms between Ontario Liberals and PCs, poll suggests [PDF]
17.03.14 Bloomberg - Quebec Election Stems Gain in Canadian Consumer Sentiment [PDF]
14.03.14 Beacon News - Keystone XL support slipping in US: Nanos Poll [PDF]
13.03.14 THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - Dwindling Support for Keystone Should "Concern" Pipeline Proponents: Pollster [PDF]
13.03.14 The Huffington Post Canada - Keystone XL Poll Finds Support Fading in The U.S. [PDF]
13.03.14 The Globe and Mail - Americans' support for Keystone falling, poll finds [PDF]
13.03.14 Chicago Tribune - U.S. support for Keystone XL falls from year ago in poll [PDF]
13.03.14 Bloomberg - U.S. Keystone Pipeline Support Falls to 62% in Nanos Poll [PDF]
10.03.14 BloombergBusinessweek - Canadian Consumer Confidence Increases for Fourth Straight Week [PDF]
03.03.14 The Globe and Mail - How NDP's Mulcair is dominating time in Question Period [PDF]
03.03.14 BloombergBusinessweek - Canadian Consumer Confidence Increases for Third Straight Week [PDF]
22.02.14 CBC Radio - Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Policy Convention [PDF]
22.02.14 CBC News - Nanos: Federal Liberals 5 points ahead of Conservatives [PDF]
20.02.14 Yahoo News Canada - Pro-pot group Legalize Canada looking to support candidates for 2015 election [PDF]
20.02.14 - Liberals are celebrating, but who has momentum? [PDF]
19.02.14 National Newswatch - Liberal brand stronger, but accessible vote for Grits trends down in January [PDF]
18.02.14 BloombergBusinessweek - Canada Consumer Sentiment Ends 4-Week Slide on Employment Gain [PDF]
17.02.14 Yahoo News - What is the appeal of Justin Trudeau? The pollsters weigh-in [PDF]
17.02.14 - Tough times for top politicians [PDF]
14.02.14 The Globe and Mail - What Harper wants from the U.S. and Mexico [PDF]
12.02.14 National Newswatch - Percentage of Canadians who would consider voting Conservative at a low of 36 percent [PDF]
11.02.14 Bloomberg - Canada’s Flaherty to Keep Country on 2015 Surplus Path in Budget [PDF]
10.02.14 The Globe and Mail - How Harper’s economic reputation could become his vital weakness [PDF]
10.02.14 - From new shoes to lockups: What you need to know about Tuesday’s budget [PDF]
10.02.14 BloombergBusinessweek - Canada Economy Concern Pushes Consumer Sentiment to 8-Month Low [PDF]
31.01.14 The Huffington Post Canada - Ontario Poll Suggests Tim Hudak's Tories Polling At Lowest Level In A Decade [PDF]
30.01.14 University at Buffalo - The State University of New York - Nanos named global fellow at Wilson center [PDF]
30.01.14 The Globe and Mail - New poll has Wynne’s Liberals leading, but still looking at minority [PDF]
29.01.14 - Political scientist, pollster call Justin Trudeau Senate move a smart branding strategy [PDF]
27.01.14 Bloomberg Businessweek - Canadian Consumer Confidence Drops as Dollar Falls to 4-Year Low [PDF]
17.01.14 The Huffington Post Canada - Poll Suggests Most Canadians Want Keystone Pipeline Built, But Support Declining [PDF]
17.01.14 - Support for Keystone waning among Canadians, poll suggests [PDF]
17.01.14 iPolitics - Harper on Obama postponing Keystone XL decision: ‘It’s clearly another punt’ [PDF]
17.01.14 Bloomberg - Harper Says Keystone Consultations Signal Obama Punting [PDF]
16.01.14 The Daily Republic - Poll: Canadian support for Keystone XL declining [PDF]
16.01.14 Reuters - UPDATE 2-Canada loses patience on Keystone XL, tells U.S. to decide [PDF]
16.01.14 IBTIMES - Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Tethers, Either Go or No Go, Canadian Support Waning [PDF]
16.01.14 - Canada loses patience on Keystone pipeline, tells U.S. to [PDF]
16.01.14 BUSINESS NEWS NETWORK - Canada loses patience on Keystone XL, tells U.S. to decide now [PDF]
15.01.14 Vancouver Observer - Growing number of Canadians say: No to KXL [PDF]
15.01.14 Toronto Star - Oilsands development is now or never, industry executives say [PDF]
15.01.14 THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - Delays Weigh on Canadian Support for Keystone Project [PDF]
15.01.14 The Globe and Mail - Three false claims Neil Young made on oil sands and why Harper doesn't care [PDF]
15.01.14 Bloomberg Businessweek - Canada Support for Keystone Pipeline Declining, Poll Says (1) [PDF]
13.01.14 The Hill Times online - Harper could also call an election in 2014, Senate scandal a game changer [PDF]
13.01.14 - Canada Senate scandal threatens Harper’s reelection prospects [PDF]
13.01.14 Bloomberg - ‘Ugly’ Jobs Report Casts Cloud Over Canadian Confidence [PDF]
11.01.14 The Huffington Post Canada - Poll Suggests Canadians Slightly Prefer Trudeau For Prime Minister [PDF]
11.01.14 The Globe and Mail - NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair’s next task: Win over the country [PDF]
09.01.14 Ottawa Citizen - Privacy worries ‘one dark cloud’ in otherwise positive view of technology: Poll [PDF]
09.01.14 CBC News - Government's rating down, despite confidence in economy: Nanos [PDF]
07.01.14 - Ontario confidence adds to evidence of 2014 rebound for Canada [PDF]
06.01.14 Washington Post - Ontario Confidence Adds to Evidence of 2014 Canadian Rebound [PDF]
06.01.14 Bloomberg Businessweek - Ontario Confidence Adds to Evidence of 2014 Canadian Rebound [PDF]
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