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News Feeds and Feed Readers: What, Why and How?

News Feeds are online content sent to you from a website.

To receive News Feeds you must have a feed reader, often called an aggregator, installed on your computer or your web browser.

With a Feed Reader installed, you will be able to subscribe to your favourite website and receive content in any format.

Feed reading is a pull technology, which means you have to go get it. This is different from an email list (push technology), which sends the content to you automatically.

You can read more about RSS on wikipedia

News Feeds and Feed Readers make it easier for you to keep track of a large number of your favorite Web sites or blogs, without having to remember to check each site manually or clutter your email Inbox. You can now customize your online experience by subscribing to specific content feeds and aggregating this information in one place to be read when you're ready.

How do I read feeds?
You will need to download a 'feed reader'/aggregator and install it on your computer. Once you have done this, you will need to copy this URL into your 'feed reader'.

To access your news feeds, you will need to open up your feed reading application and it will "pull" the feed to you.

Here's a free 'feed reader' that you might want to use:

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