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Online Public Engagement Services
Since 1987, we’ve helped organizations engage their clients, understand their members and listen to the public. As a result of our work, we’ve developed an expertise in providing decision-makers with actionable intelligence and insights based on what we’ve heard. 

In 2007, we started to notice an increasing demand from the public for openness, transparency and accountability and the way that they want to be engaged.  In response to these changes, we’ve built on our expertise and developed an online public engagement practice - Nanos eConsultation.

Nanos eConsultation is a turnkey online public engagement service that will help you:

  • Extend the scale of your in-person consultations programs
    (before, during and after)
  • Use research metrics to heighten your insights into
    participant opinions and attitudes
  • Make it easy for people to share their opinions
  • Demonstrate the extent and effectiveness of your
    public engagement efforts
  • Cost-effectively inform thousands of people

Why use Nanos eConsultation?
We are skilled at helping public-organizations manage complex and sensitive public issues. When it comes to online public consultations, we believe that we can best help you because of our experience, our analytical capabilities and decision-maker confidence in Nanos.

  • We’ve been running online consultations for public organizations since 2007. We’ve learned a lot of lessons about what works and what doesn’t work and we’ve continuously built these into our services.
  • Nanos eConsultation is built on research analytics and leverages our background in data analysis to provide decision makers with actionable insights from consultations. 
  • We understand the decisions are made on a number of inputs, and that decision-makers sometimes look to triangulate their consultation findings. As a trusted research firm, we are experts at using public opinion surveys to test consultation findings.

Who uses Nanos eConsultation?

How to get started?
If you are getting ready to run an online engagement project or just interested in learning more about Nanos’ online experience, please contact:

John J Nanos
Senior Vice-President
416-493-1965 x 223 or
John J Nanos


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