Custom Telephone Studies

Insightful analysis and actionable results are the hallmarks of our strategic research services.

Conducting a stand-alone national survey provides you with the ability to dig deep into the public opinion landscape.  Nanos Custom Telephone Studies can be tailored to your specific needs, from the number of questions to the size for sub-group samples to specific screening criteria. Our assignments range from public opinion research to identifying market opportunities for Fortune 500 companies.

Our diversity of experience tips the scales in our favour and, with our own integrated telephone bank, the quality and accuracy of our results exceed industry standards. 

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Track Record:
Although it is a challenge in itself to capture the firm's diversity, to follow is a sample of telephone research projects.

Measuring public opinion
Prior to the roll-out of a communications campaign, Nanos Research was retained to gauge baseline public opinion. This included benchmarking perceptions, identifying persuasion opportunities and testing elements of the communications strategy.

Benchmarking new products growth
Diversifying its product mix, one of North America's leading food interests retained Nanos Research to conduct a product trial. This trial involved conducting waves of consumer interviews by telephone following the delivery of 100,000 free food samples to targeted households.

Litigation research
Nanos Research has been retained to conduct research related to trademark litigations in Canada in the retail, food and entertainment industries.

Expanding markets
As a precursor to expansion, one of Canada's leading retailers retained Nanos Research to assess market potential, analyse business opportunities and identify the vulnerabilities of competitors.

Tracking incidence within the population
As part of an in-depth healthcare study, Nanos Research was retained to track the number of Canadians who experienced a common health affliction. The purpose of this study was to support a national dialogue and contribute to a better understanding of those suffering in Canada. The longitudinal study also set a benchmark for healthcare professionals to track improvement on the issue.

Consulting with the community
In the lead up to a major capital investment, Nanos Research was retained by the subsidiary of a US industrial concern to collect the perceptions of community stakeholders. The key goal of the research was to support the creation of an education and persuasion campaign.

Identifying TV content opportunities
Nanos Research was retained to conduct a co-incidental telephone survey of cable subscribers prior to the launch of a new cable channel service. By identifying the viewing patterns of television watchers, the relative market share of all cable channels was quantified. The correlation of the relationships between viewing factors allowed our client to identify niche market opportunities for the potential new service.

Improving government service delivery
Nanos Research was retained to conduct a study of 1,200 employers related to a government policy initiative. The information collected helped identify opportunities to improve service delivery.

Political polling
The firm has conducted numerous public opinion research assignments for campaigns and media outlets across Canada.