Employee/Stakeholder Surveys

Collecting input from employees or stakeholders can be a challenge for any organization. Nanos Research provides research services that give decision makers the ability to remove these barriers and engage stakeholders. A multi-mode survey approach, which can combine components of telephone, fax, mail and online surveys, gives employees or stakeholders the ability to give input on their terms.

To follow is a sample of Employee/Stakeholder Research projects completed by Nanos Research. 

Gauging the opinions of members
Nanos Research was retained by one of Canada's leading museum corporations to conduct a member survey collecting input both online and by mail. The information was used to better understand the key drivers for the value proposition of the museum.

Consulting stakeholders on highly sensitive matters 
In the face of record losses, Nanos Research was retained by a multi-billion dollar pension fund to engage stakeholders on how best to move forward. The process gave stakeholders the freedom to give their feedback with full anonymity and provided valuable insight to the fund managers.

Understanding perceptions of employees
Nanos Research was retained by one of North Americas largest environmental services corporation to survey employees across Canada and the United States. Information collected was used to develop a corporate ethics code of conduct.

Association membership research
Nanos Research was retained by one of Canada's leading professional organizations to conduct a membership survey on issues related to new membership programs and services under consideration.