Online Research Studies

As one of Canada's most trusted research organizations, Nanos Research brings the right methodology to bear on the assignment. Nanos Research has the in-house ability to design, implement and administer online research assignments from the simple to the complex. Nanos Research is continually building its own in house panel ñ recruited randomly through our regular telephone surveys.

To follow is a sample of online research projects completed by Nanos Research. Also, take a look at our new proprietary online deliberative dialogue research software combining both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

Tracking public opinion
As part of an effort to track the views of Canadians and Americans on the bi-national relationship, Nanos Research has partnered with the University at Buffalo (State University of New York) to conduct an annual tracking study of 1,000 Canadians and 1,000 Americans online.

Gauging the opinions of members
Nanos Research was retained by one of Canada's leading museum corporations to conduct a member survey collecting input both online and by mail. The information was used to better understand the key drivers for the value proposition of the museum.

TV program research
Nanos Research was retained to conduct online research and test programming impressions among TV viewers for one of Canada's leading national television channels.

Elite stakeholder survey
In order to benchmark the perceptions of government stakeholders including legislators, their staff and public servants, Nanos Research was retained to conduct an online survey to gauge impressions of the client and of competing organizations.

Target group research
Nanos Research was retained by one of Canada's leading health advocacy organizations to conduct an online survey of Canadians with a specific health condition. The information collected was used to develop provincial ìscore cardsî on how well a particular provincial government did at meeting the needs of those with that health condition.

Association membership research
Nanos Research was retained by one of Canada's leading professional organizations to conduct a membership survey on issues related to new membership programs and services under consideration.